by Oscar Palou
Using Skintimacy to make a tone in MAX/MSP


Tone is a simple MAX/MSP Patch that controls a Tone using your Skintimacy.

You can download the patch here: SimpleSKCYPatch
Here you will find a patch for MAX/MSP and a sketch for Wiring / Arduino and schematics like the shown below.


You will need to connect your Skintimacy to your Wiring Board as shown. In this case you can use all the 4 Players and Master to control different waves in a Sketch.

You will need a 9v Battery, two (2) Crocodile Clips, some wires, a computer running MAX/MSP, your Wiring Board and of course your Skintimacy.

Notice that In- on your Skintimacy, goes to Wiring’s GND and to the Battery -

The Tone is controlled through Touch values. Thus when there is a lot of Touch, the Bars of the respective side will increase, and when there is a lack of Touch, they will decrease.

Try to compose different visualisations as you touch with other Players. Remember that the values are taken when a Player and the Master touch.

The data is transferred to MAX/MSP trough the Serial.

Skintimacy players are connected to Analog In on your Wiring. When Players and Master touch each other, the tone will play.