SKCY – The Bells

by Alexander Müller-Rakow and Oscar Palou Ribó

Exploring the correlation between intimacy and the electronic extension of our bodies
in collaboration with Oscar Palou Ribó

RFID-chips that are transplanted under the skin for tracking and identification purposes, pacemakers that stimulate heart muscles, electrodes in the brain that reduce depression—from a medical point of view, the human body has long since been “repaired” and “extended” by various electronic components. How does our concept of intimacy change when our skin becomes an interface, when we increasingly merge with technology?

Alexander Müller-Rakow explores this connection between intimacy and technology. For him, sound is a means of fathoming intimate relationships. He thus developed a special “musical instrument” for the exhibit: The white earpieces of his installation not only reproduce the sound, but they are also sensors for the digital sound synthesis. If the visitors touch themselves, they influence the sound and become part of the instrument. A light electrical charge is placed on the skin, and through the nature of the contact, its length, and intensity, tones are modulated.

LookTwice_SkintimacyPhotography by Malwine Rafalski

LookTwice_installationPhotography by Malwine Rafalski