Shine On

by Juan Pablo García Sossa
Control a LED’s brightness through Skintimacy.


Shine On is a simple example to control the brightness of an LED with your Skintimacy.

You can download the code here: LEDSkintimacy


You will need to connect your Skintimacy to your Wiring Board as shown. In this case you will only need to use Player 1 and Master to control the LED’s brightness.

You will need a 9v Battery, two (2) Crocodile Clips, some wires, an LED, a resistance, your Wiring Board and of course your Skintimacy.

First you will need to prepare your Skintimacy.
Connect it to the 9v battery as shown.
Notice that In- on your Skintimacy, goes to Wiring’s GND and to the Battery –
While In+ goes just to the Battery +
Then you connect Skintimacy’s Player1 to Analog In, the LED to a PWM Pin  (number 4 in this case), an their respective grounds to gnd.

Now you connect your LED using a breadboard with a resistance between 220 Ohm and 400 Ohm. Remember that the LED’s short leg goes to the ground.LED


When Player1 and Master touch each other, the LED should turn on and bright according to the touch values.