Getting in Touch

by Juan Pablo García Sossa

Some ways you can connect Skintimacy to your body


Lets get in touch!
A couple of ways you could connect Skintimacy to your own skin.


You are done soldering and your Skintimacy is already assembled. You may be there with a bunch of cables in your hand and wondering ‘How do I connect all these things to start touching?’. Well, here are a couple of ways to connect to your body that you can try at home. Remember there are a lot of possibilities with Skintimacy but we show here some to get started and get in touch!

First, you should get familiarised with Skintimacy’s hardware.
It is up to 5 players in which Player1-Player4 send analog values to a Wiring’s or an Arduino’s Analog In; and the fifth player, the Master, act as a ground. In order to function, your Skintimacy needs to be connected to a 9v battery through In- and In+. Look at the image below to have an idea on how it works.Manual_Instruction_print_final14
SkintimacyWiring SkintimacyArduino

Skintimacy Out1, Ou2, Out3, and Out4 go to your Wiring’s or Arduino’s Analog In.
In- goes to Wiring/Arduino’s GND and the 9v battery’s ground (-). While In+ goes just to the 9v battery’s +. You can use crocodile cables to make it easier to connect.
Plus&Minus   Battery   Minus

Then you got 5 cables left. Four for the Players and one for the Master.
Players    Master

Remember you only get values when a Player and Master touch! Not between players.
You can try by putting them in contact directly.Contact

Or you can hold the wire’s end and touch each other.WiredTouch


Another possibility is to build a ring using velcro.

It should have a metal ‘button’ inside connected to a cable.RingContact

So that when you touch it, your finger gets in contact with SkintimacyTouchDaRing

It works best when you use it tight!


Try to suck Skintimacy into your skin!

Connect it to a banana plug.
ChupaPlug   ChupaPlugged

Suck it to your skin!
ChupaSkin   ChupaIntimacy


Med   MedButton

Have you thought about medical electrodes? That white adhesive connected with cables to your body. It is commonly used in electrocardiography (ECG) to read the electric activity in your body. And it could be used as a Skintimacy connector!

Some of them come with a plug which you can connect with a banana plug.MedPlugMedAlmostPlugged   MedPluggedMedAllPlugged

If you don’t have it, you can use a crocodile cable as well.MedCroc

Stick it to your body and let’s get in touch!MedSkinMedChupaTouch


An Antistatic Band is another medical instrument that works with the same principle of the ring. Its a cable connected to a metal piece in a wrist band that makes contact with your skin.AntiContact

Remember to wear it tight, in order to work better.