They Grow

by Juan Pablo García Sossa
Using Skintimacy to control Size in Processing


They Grow is a simple example to modify Size in a Processing Sketch using your Skintimacy.

You can download the code here: TheyGrowSketch
Here you will find a sketch for Processing another one for Wiring / Arduino and schematics like the shown below.


You will need to connect your Skintimacy to your Wiring Board as shown. In this case you can use all the 4 Players and Master to control the Size of different ellipses in a Sketch.

You will need a 9v Battery, two (2) Crocodile Clips, some wires, a computer running Processing, your Wiring Board and of course your Skintimacy.

Notice that In- on your Skintimacy, goes to Wiring’s GND and to the Battery -

The Size of different ellipses is controlled through Touch values. Thus when there is a lot of Touch, the ellipse will grow, and when there is a lack of Touch, it will be get smaller.

The ellipses appear in a random position and leave trace of their growth. Players can play around trying to draw different Visual Compositions.

The data is transferred to Processing trough the Serial.

Skintimacy players are connected to Analog In on your Wiring. When Players and Master touch each other, the ellipses in Processing will grow.